Question: How can I invest in CTI.COMPANY?
Register by clicking REGISTRATION, fill in the registration form and click "Register". Once you sign up, You can refill your account and make your first Deposit. Please don't forget to record the password and username/email.
Question: How do I fund my account with CTI COMPANY?
On the main page of the personal cabinet, in the "Operations" section there is a "Add fund" tab. You need to choose the payment system for replenishment, enter the desired amount of investment and make a transfer. Cash will appear on your balance sheet.
Question: How do I open a deposit in CTI.COMPANY and can I open several deposits?
After replenishing the balance, you need to go to the section "My deposits" and create a deposit by selecting the appropriate "Investment plan". Each registered investor has the right to create an unlimited number of deposits.
Question: Can I use the funds on my balance in my account to create a new deposit?
Yes. Available funds on the investor's balance sheet can be withdrawn or used to create a new deposit.
Question: How many accounts can I create?
You can make an unlimited number of accounts. However, it is forbidden to create new accounts to receive a fictitious partner commission.If we learn about such a fraud on your part, your accounts will be blocked and the funds frozen. After the execution of the necessary legal procedures, these funds will be invested in a fund created on behalf of charitable organizations for targeted assistance and distributed according to their priorities.
Question: Can I create multiple accounts from one computer for different people?
Yes, you can do this, however, if necessary, you must provide proof that the accounts belong to different people.You must be prepared to provide evidence that each of these people is the owner of the account, doing this with a live video interview. If you refuse to conduct an interview, all funds will be frozen, and the account will be blocked.
Question: What payment systems do you use?
At the moment we accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin.
Question: What are the maximum and minimum limits for deposits and withdrawals?
The minimum investment amount is $ 50, and the maximum amount is $ 50,000.The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 5. The maximum amount for withdrawal is unlimited.
Question: How quickly does the transfer of funds to the account balance?
Transfer of funds to the balance of the account through Perfectmoney, Payeer, Advcash is made instantly. Replenishment via BTC occurs only after 3 confirmations in the Blockchain network.
Question: How long does it take to pay the fee and deposit refund?
Fees payment You have created the queries is performed only at a certain time, after validation.According to the plans with daily payment, processing time of requests for withdrawal of remuneration is made strictly on working days from Tuesday to Friday, from 6: 00 am until 11: 00 GTM GTM when it reaches the minimum amount for withdrawal.According to the plans, with weekly payout and payment at maturity, the processing time of withdrawal request is paid only on Monday from 6: 00 am until 11: 00 GTM GTM when it reaches the minimum amount for withdrawal.Processing of requests for refund of deposits which finished work is only possible on Friday from 6: 00 am GMT to 11.00 am GMT.
Question: Can I withdraw the Deposit before the term specified in the tariff plan, what did I choose?
No, early withdrawal of the deposit is not allowed. You must wait for the expiration of the investment.
Question: Do you have an affiliate program?
For active clients, the company offers a multi-level affiliate program, with the possibility of career growth, and therefore a good additional income.


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